The complex marketplace offer - assets tokens of a disruptive innovation:


    • Tokenization of assets of a disruptive innovation
    • Specialized blockchain applications, including on demand

    • Acquiring additional capital for the startups
    • Stable tokens - securing the value of fiat money in blockchain
  • 24/7 ONLINE

    • Better access to the decentralized exchange for the blockchain assets
    • Access to investment tokens - an effective return on investment in the world of blockchain

    • Loyalty tokens provide continuous income from biSEC marketplace – from each sale of biSEC services

    • Business, scientific and engineering benchmark for existing or planned startups and blockchain projects
    • Assessment/preparation of tokens for being securities or utility

    • Optimization of existing projects, permanent, incidental or crisis management of "problem having" projects
    • Marketing of projects in the blockchain community



biSEC is the mother marketplace of the whole ecosystem of decentralized disruptive innovation and blockchain startups.
The marketplace provides:

  • various blockchain capital assets = virtualies of the web 3.0 economy
  • centralized projects (traditional R&D and capital market), which can perform blockchain solutions in the fintech area like electronic monies, digitized commodities and blockchain’ed securities (bitSecurities).

This is a solution to merge the irrational diverse of the existing traditional capital & financial system against blockchain tokenization:

  • Blockchain tokens are ideal tool for securitization of all real economy equity (like companies shares, land, buildings/houses/flats, R&D projects, fiat securities like debts, dividends, options and others).
  • Most of traditional venture capital and banks did not start yet to provide co-operation with tokenization market.

The biSEC marketplace is a economy bridge between the traditional R&D / capital market and the blockchain assets world.
Some services are integrated in the complex services of the biSEC market:

  • Tokenization, including dev job
  • Capital fundraising
  • 24/7 online trading
  • Loyalty premiums
  • Rating, benchmarking, consulting
  • Management

New 'biSEC ready' projects are wanted to be a part of our biSEC marketplace to be listed on the decentralized XbSEC exchange! Get your success during co-operation with bitSecurities

More about typical examples of using biSEC market and services for the fintech solutions:

BSEC/XBSEC tokens investment explanation

Professional experience and knowledge of our team

The team of experienced professionals from fintech industry and banking/financial sector – with the track record of multi-billions dollars marketplaces. Let’s collaborate and do that your tokens are the symbol of your business success and wealth for you and your customers.


See details in the whitepaper

biSEC marketplace – idea explanation

Founders and Managers of bitSecurities biSEC marketplace

We have combined knowledge of experts from the financial sector as well as blockchain world

Mariusz Sperczynski Serial digital businesses' founder, supporter and adviser

Role in the project: Founder, bitSecurities Corporation

International experience in cross-border standards and businesses based on Internet, marketplaces and B2B platforms

LinkedIn   GitHub

Marcin Zduniak, owner of Colubris.PRO

Role in the project: Blockchain Architect

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies Software Developer, Technical Leader, Software Architect. Some of the projects I was working on a various stage of development (initial concepts, proof of concepts, commercial projects): crypto tokens issuance, fiat-cryptocurrency exchange, P2P lending platform, provably fair gaming in Bitcoin, lottery contracts in Ethereum, algorithmic trading on crypto tokens, IM messaging bot and blockchain integration, crowdfunding smart contracts, Blockchain explorers.


Top-tier managers and team members.
Please note that all persons of the team - members and advisers will be identified just before starting Pre-Sale

Role in the project:Advisers/CTO/DEV/CMO/COO/CFO/team members

Contact us please if you want to be a member or an adviser of this amazing project.


contribute in expanding biSEC marketplace by using our services and/or locate your project/business exactly in biSEC ecosystem

This marketplace is family of tokenization services for blockchain projects are tradeable on XbiSEC exchange. This is opportunity for investors to profit from contribution in the blockchain revolution at upper-level utility at industry leaders. Look for details in whitepaper. For now, please consider that this site is still under construction. This means that any information contained on this site is not an offer.

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